THE POWER UNITS HAVE ELIMINATED THE GAP BETWEEN THE HYDRAULIC AND THE ELECTRIC LIFT SYSTEMS in terms of installed power, energy consumption and pollution, with only a 2 % surcharge on the costs of a traditional hydraulic system, through:


The dry engine increases the energy efficiency of the system, reducing power losses due to the submersed engine in the viscous fluid; it ensures a lower heating-up of the fluid and therefore a reduced need of assistive cooling devices. It allows a consistent reduction of the fluid quantity, at equal operational efficiency (capacity, travels and speed), hence promoting the use of ecological fluid instead of traditional mineral oil. The dry engine allows lowering the noise level of the lift system.


GMV not only supplies the NGV electronic valve but additionally offers an electronic control of the valve by means of the electronic control system of leveling to floor ETC (Electronic Temperature Control).

ECOLOGICAL FLUID as an alternative to the traditional mineral oil


  • ECO-COMPATIBILITY due to the biodegradable ecological fluid, NO OIL
  • COMFORT AND HIGH OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE due to the electronically controlled valve and to the electronic control system of leveling to floor ETC (Electronic Temperature Control)
  • LESS POWER CONSUMPTION (more than 30 %) compared to old hydraulic systems, due to the electronically controlled valve and to the high efficiency of the dry engines
  • Up to 20 % REDUCED INSTALLED POWER (at least up to 630 kg) compared to old hydraulic systems, due to the dry engines (no flow resistance), and to the new NRGS power unit (Energy saving)
  • These elements allow to install elevators featuring advantages that have always made hydraulic systems economically competitive compared to electric systems:
    • A 20 – 30 % price saving with the purchase and in the operating costs
    • Low seismic vulnerability
  • Equipped with the DLV valve or the electronic NGV valve with a redundant security lock, a maximum of safety is guaranteed, in compliance with the regulations in force.


The following combinations of Fluitronic DRY Power Units are available for lift systems:

TankDry engineValveETC Device applicableDLV applicableEcological Fluid recommendedUse
GL DRYYes3010YesYesYesNew elevators / Refurbishment
GL DRY NRGSYes3010YesYesYesNew elevators / Refurbishment
GL DRYYesNGV A3NoNoYesNew elevators
GL DRYYesNGV EKNoNoYesRefurbishment
F1 DRYYes3010YesYesYesNew elevators / Refurbishment
F1 DRYYesNGV A3NoNoYesNew elevators / Refurbishment
F1 DRYYesNGV EKNoNoYesRefurbishment


Equipped with the valve 3010 featuring the new electronic control system of leveling to floor ETC (optional) or equipped with the electronic valve NGV with digital technology.

The Fluitronic GL DRY and F1 DRY Power Units have all characteristics of the traditional GL and F1 power units. Moreover, thanks to the external engine, the power units allow a reduction of the fluid quantity up to 20 liters, at equal operational performance (capacity, travel and speed).

Additionally, they guarantee an excellent low noise level and allow 20% less power consumption since there is no frictional resistance between oil and engine. Similar to other GMV power units, the DRY versions can be equipped with the 3010 valve featuring a Door Lock Valve, complying with the regulation EN 81.20/50, or with the 2CH, complying with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE or even with the electronic valve with digital NGV technology.

GMV recommends the use of ecological fluid to reduce the risk of environmental pollution, since the elevator owners or property managers are legally responsible in this respect.

Technical DataGL DRY Power unitF1 DRY Power unit
50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
2 poles – 3 phases2 poles – 3 phases2 poles – 3 phases2 poles – 3 phases
Engine power [kW]2.2 ÷ 9.22.2 ÷ 9.22.2 ÷ 9.22.2 ÷ 9.2
Nominal pump flow rate [l/min]55 ÷ 15066 ÷ 15055 ÷ 15066 ÷ 150
Maximum static pressure [bar/MPa]45 / 4,545 / 4,5
Minimum static pressure vacuum [bar/MPa]12 / 1,212 / 1,2
Unladen weight [kg]max. 90max. 100
Total Fluid filling quantity [l]120130
Fluid quantity in circulation (used) [l]max. 95max. 105
Minimum Fluid (pump covering) [l]2525
Usable cabinetType C and DType A and B


In particular, the new Power Unit Fluitronic GL DRY 3010 NRGS (Energy Saving) 1”1/4 is equipped with the dry engine 5 kW to allow – for elevators with a maximum load of 450 kg – the use of a maximal installed power of 6 kW (Enel power meter), which is exactly the same as for electric traction elevators at equal load. Compared to the traditional power units at equal capacity this power unit allows an installed power of less than 4 ÷ 9 kW, which represents an annual saving up to 286 €, only for the lower installed power.

Integrating a Power Unit Fluitronic GL DRY NRGS with an 5 kW engine in an old hydraulic system, there would be following savings

Installed power meter

Old Lift System

Installed power meter

New GL Dry NRGS Power Unit

15 kW6 kW9 kW which is 286 € per year*
10 kW6 kW4 kW which is 127 € per year*

* Saving on the fixed costs of the power meter: 2,65€ per month per kW of installed power. There is an additional saving for reduced energy consumption of about 20 %, thanks to the ETC system, plus a further saving thanks to an eventual exclusion of the heating resistors for valve/oil, and for the reduced requirement of assistive cooling devices.

Main features of the GL Dry NRGS Power Unit
Engine50 Hz – 2 poles – 3 phases
Engine power [kW]5,5
Voltage [V]400/690 ÷ 415/720
Pump flow rate [l/min]55 ÷ 75
Maximum static pressure [bar/MPa]45 / 4,5
Unladen weight [kg]max. 90
Total Fluid filling quantity [l]120
Fluid quantity in circulation (used) [l]max. 95
Minimum fluid [l]25
Valve3010 ES 1”1/4 direct start-up
PistonØ 80 – 90 – 100
Rated load320 ÷ 480 Kg
Average speed of the system0,5 m/s
Accessories includedHand pump – Connection for the pressure gauge inspection EN
Optional at customer’s chargePressure switch with a Low Hysteresis – DLV Valve 1”1/4 – ETC System Device – Ecological Fluid