The HL dry Compact power unit is characterised by an external motor and a compact metal tank.

It is available in 3 solutions:

  • freestanding
  • with a compact cabinet fixed above the power unit and containing the controller (fitted in by the customer)
  • with a compact cabinet fixed above the power unit and containing the controller Neos 10 produced by GMV

The compact cabinet solution (height 2000 mm, width 350 mm and depth 260 mm) may be placed in the hall and/or partially wall embedded next to the landing doors for home lift systems.

The cabinet may have two separate parts: one for the power unit and the other for the controller, in order to protect users from a possible accidental contact.

featuring the electronic NGV valve with digital technology or the 3010 valve

The HL DRY and the HL 50 DRY power units are specifically designed for Home Lift systems in compliance with the new Machinery Directive. The external motor allows a consistent reduction of the fluid in circulation, compared to the traditional HL tanks. Moreover, an excellent low noise performance is guaranteed, and up to 20 % less installed power since there is no frictional resistance between the oil and the motor.

Like other GMV power units for Home Lifts, the DRY versions can be equipped with the 3010 valve (with the Door Lock Valve as an optional), or with the electronic valve with digital NGV technology.

Installing the DLV VALVE combined with the 3010 distributor, or the NGV valve, assures the use of the redundant security lock in order to prevent uncontrolled movements of the car with open doors, in compliance with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, which specifies that a single failure cannot lead to dangerous situations.

The Dry power units equipped with the electronic NGV valve with digital technology, allow an energy saving up to 25 %*,  compared to those with traditional technology (with submersed motor and mechanical valve).

GMV recommends the use of ECOLOGICAL FLUID to reduce the risk of environmental pollution, since lift owners (or property managers) are legally liable in this respect.

* Maximum value achievable under optimal conditions and combined with other GMV products.

HL DRY Power unitHL 50 DRY Power unit
50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
2 poles – 1 phase2 poles – 1 phase2 poles – 1 phase2 poles – 1 phase
Engine power [kW]1.5 ÷ 2.21.8 ÷ 2.61.5 ÷ 2.21.8 ÷ 2.6
Nominal pump flow rate [l/min]12 – 15 – 20 – 2315 – 18 – 2412 – 15 – 20 – 2315 – 18 – 24
Maximum static pressure [bar/MPa]45 / 4,545 / 4,5
Minimum static pressure vacuum [bar/MPa]12 / 1,212 / 1,2
Unladen weight [kg]max. 45max. 55
Total Fluid filling quantity [l]4865
Fluid quantity in circulation (used) [l]max. 33max. 50
Minimum Fluid (pump covering) [l]1515
Usable cabinetType Easy 400Type Easy 400