The manufacturer’s installation and maintenance manual schedules a periodical check of the hydraulic circuit seals, as required by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE for control systems. Producers are requested to provide instruction material regarding the safety of their products and to engage lift owners to execute the maintenance works in compliance with the instructions given by the producer.

The reasons for these periodical checks are simple: the valve control block contains seal material and flows.

Whereas in a brake system, the correct functioning may be controlled from the outside, in a valve system with an enclosed mechanism this is not possible.

It is therefore necessary to check the valve control block periodically, to verify the state of the internal securities (the seals), made of rubber and which are subject to wear and tear for natural reasons or for the influence of chemical agents.

GMV being a worldwide expert in valve systems, provides to all lift companies the new check service of the entire hydraulic seal system (valve control block, cylinder seals etc.) for GMV products.

A tested seal system of the hydraulic circuit is guaranteed for 2 years. For the testing of the valve control block which complies with the appropriate elevator system, GMV needs to know the type and the features of the valve control block and the pump capacity.

The valve control block check includes:

  • Replacement of the seals
  • Cleaning of the valve control block
  • Shutters (flow) check