The Home Lifty ® system: the most sophisticated domestic lift.

Worldwide unique to offer the possibility of an extended warranty up to10 years. Featuring a 10-year warranty, Home Lifty ®meets any requirements regarding an unique home lift solution, offering excellent price-performance ratio, fixed prices, safety and reliability.

The high quality of the design and a careful assembly of the components, entirely produced by GMV, ensure an elevator above-average.

Utmost possible comfort, combined with maximum safety and environmental compatibility. In fact, it is the only one to offer a biodegradable ecological fluid instead of the traditional mineral oil and an electronic control valve of the latest generation with an integrated redundant security lock system: safety paired with high travel comfort.

Home Lifty® allows reduced energy consumption, similar to a standard household appliance. It works more quietly than an electric elevator. Easy and safe during the maintenance works. It is ideal for buildings in seismic areas.

Moreover, Home Lifty® allows a better use of space in your house. Home Lifty ® is available in different versions:

  • MR version: with machine room
  • MRL-MC version: the classic solution with the controller and the power unit placed in an external cabinet
  • MRL-T version: a MRL solution with the power unit placed in the shaft and the controller next to a landing door. Remote controls of the power unit accessible from outside the shaft.
  • MRC version (Machine Room Cabinet): with a small cabinet next to the shaft, containing the controller and the dry power unit.

Version available with posterior-placed piston, recommended for home lifts to be installed in staircases, in order to dispose of a larger car.

Customize your Home Lifty®: GMV offers a wide range of technical and aesthetic solutions.

Suitable for masonry or metal frame shafts, for inside and/or outside use, with swing doors, semi-automatic or automatic doors. Alternatively, for allowing maximum personalisation, Home Lifty® elevators may be supplied only with the door lock, in order to match the finishes of the elevator doors to the ones of the house. Moreover, it is possible to acquire the car frame only (without panels) plus the automatic doors without panels, in order to customise as far as possible the lift car and the entrances.


We can supply and fit the full range of GMV Electronic Lifts as well as offering full repair and maintenance packages with official GMV parts.

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