Refurbishment of hydraulic lifts includes all additional renovation after the previous upgrade of the security system of the lift.

Partial refurbishment of hydraulic lifts offers many advantages, as there are the environmental compatibility, the perfect leveling to floor, considerable savings of energy costs and a higher travel comfort.

Coastal Lift Supplies ensures the refurbishment measures through different products:

THE ETC SYSTEM (Electronic Temperature Control), the new electronic control of leveling to floor for new elevators and those to be refurbished, is installable on systems with a 3010 mod-distributor.

The REFURBISHMENT KIT includes the hand pump, the maximum pressure switch, the minimum pressure switch, the pressure switch with a low hysteresis and the DLV valve.

The OPTIMISATION kit includes the micro-leveling, the soft starter, the soft stop and the heat exchanger.

FLUITRONIC DRY NRGS POWER UNIT and NGV EK POWER UNIT, the power units, which have eliminated the gap between hydraulic and electric elevators with regards to the installed power, the power consumption and the polution.

NEOVISION, the technology which allows the refurbishment of the system by replacing the power unit and the controller.

ECOLOGICAL FLUID in compliance with the recent standards regarding the environmental compatibility. It is recommended to replace the mineral or synthetic oils by the biodegradable Ecological Fluid. The Ecological Fluid is an hydraulic, synthetic based fluid, to guarantee optimal performance against wear and material fatigue of lifting systems with hydraulic drives, such as elevators, goods passenger elevators and home lifts.