GMV has always been a worldwide leader in the production of hydraulic elevator components. From the early beginnings of 21st century, GMV has been a producer of complete hydraulic systems as well, and for more than 10 years now, GMV has completed its product range also by designing and producing innovative electric systems.

Today, GMV is in a position to meet any requirements relating to the vertical transport.


The main advantages of the Green Lift® Permanent Magnets elevator are:

  • Reduced maintenance costs, made possible in particular by the extended warranty up to 10 years, a proof of reliability and quality of our systems
  • No machine room
  • High travel comfort, gradual imperceptible accelerations and decelerations, accuracy of leveling to floor thanks to the VVVF with encoder control
  • Safety, thanks to the automatic return to the nearest floor level with opening of the doors in case of power failure, and to the emergency operation with push buttons powered by buffer batteries
  • Reliable service
  • Competitive pricing for the range of electric systems without machine room
  • Spare parts easily available. Green Lift® Permanent Magnets is programmed to longevity. Technical information, spare parts, technical equipment needed for maintenance and programming, are promptly available from the production company, at a fair price. Since there is not just a single person carrying out the product control being both producer and maintenance technician, the products do not age quickly
  • Version available with reduced pit and/or head


We can supply and fit the full range of GMV Electronic Lifts as well as offering full repair and maintenance packages with official GMV parts.

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