Following constant investment in research and development, GMV has achieved the best possible technology standard for elevator solutions up to 6 stops: the Green Lift Fluitronic ® GMV elevator.

With a load capacity ranging from 320 kg to 1,000 kg, it is certainly a favorite solution, at least for an installation up to 6 stops, compared to the traditional electric MRL.

The GMV Fluitronic technology successfully fixed all flaws of old hydraulic elevators.

The Green Lift Fluitronic ® GMV nowadays is far more ecological thanks to the use of biodegradable ecological Fluid instead of mineral oil.

Moreover, installed power could be reduced by up to 20 % and energy consumption by up to 30 %, compared to old systems.

The innovations to obtain these improvements have been: the new “dry motors”, more efficient because not subject to viscous friction, the Electronic NGV valve or the ETC system which controls the mechanical valve.

The Green Lift Fluitronic ® has a reduced seismic vulnerability compared to electric systems. In case of earthquakes, mechanical systems are vulnerable because the counterweight and the machinery on the car top risk to fall down, whereas the Green Lift Fluitronic ® system is self-supporting, i.e. the masses are charged